Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Is What I Do At 11 PM

So we're cooking for Shabbat again at Casa Chana...and my mother says I can't patchkeray tomorrow, so I have to do the patchkeraying tonight. Thus I present:

Pasta Salad:

Potato Salad:

I wonder if it's a problem that I enjoy this even more than my Revel classes...hmm....

In other news, I am sad to say that no more Revel notes may be posted because they want people to go to the school vs. read it all on my blog (plus, of course, my notes have mistakes.) Ah well.


Dorron Katzin said...

Please tell the people at Revel that not everyone who is reading and enjoying your notes is a Revel student!

RT said...

The salads look beautiful!
Hope you and your guests enjoy!

Charlie Hall said...

I'm on the faculty of another YU division, so I can't go to Revel. I'm going to have to talk to Richard Joel about this!

Shabat lunch this week:

Fresh pita bread with zahatar and hummus

Meditteranean salad

Spinach lasagna

Pan-fried sole

Baked lemon dill salmon

Fresh Italian vegetables

Lots of Torah

Dorron Katzin said...

To Charlie Hall:

I thought about forwarding what Chana wrote about not being able to post notes to Dr. David Berger, the dean of Revel, whom I visited last week when I was on campus (my son just started at YC).

IMO, I don't think either of us should raise this issue with anyone unless Chana gives her consent.

Anonymous said...


Physicist said...

I'm not a lawyer, but the course materials and lecture content are the intellectual property of the professors, and because they work for Revel, Revel was some sort of ownership as well. I did some pretty cool research as part of a class and later as an independent study, but the university messed up with the patent application. I can't fix it myself because, as the new technique/design was discovered/created during a class, they own the rights to it.

Still, it would be interesting if these materials were available online; google different things and you'll find all sorts of lecture notes online, in the public domain - where the professors put it there themselves.

BTW, can someone get me a yumesorah account?

Dorron Katzin said...

To Physicist:

1. I'm not a lawyer either, but what about fair use?

2. Looks like you need a account to get on to SwapNotes.

dustfinger said...

my mouth is mamash watering

Physicist said...


You have fair use on the brain! The distribution of intellectual property is up to the owner of that intellectual property. Fair use would probably - and I haven't read any case law on it and have no desire to do so - let you quote brief ideas with attribution, but not extensive ideas many times (i.e., the entire lecture every day).