Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Feel Like I've Run A Marathon

So I just went shopping for Shabbos.

I decided to play a game with my mother. I told her what I was making for Shabbat (which recipes, etc) and then went out to go buy everything.

Chana: Okay, so I just got everything except I need 15 more much do you think it came to?

Mother: *says an amount*


Mother: (sweetly) Yes?

Chana: It was that amount plus two dollars. Holy crap. How did you guess that amount?

Mother: I've been doing this for years, Chanaleh.

To go shopping for Shabbat in the Heights entails: Walking down a hill with Wilma, our granny cart, filling that cart up to the point that the lady in the store asks if I want a delivery, walking to 181st so I don't have to walk up the hill again, and then walking to my apartment. Enter through service entrance and put everything away.

Someone needs to teach me how to drive.

In other news, today is my glorious Mother's birthday. As many of you know, I have been living in my mother's shadow since the day I was born and will happily continue to do so till the day I die- the woman is incredible. I never before appreciated how much she does on absolutely no time. I mean, just shopping and cooking for Shabbat. Now I know what that's like and let me tell you...the lady does it when she's got four kids, a job, and a house to maintain. (And she never cooks just for four kids, for the record. We've always got enough for about 20 people at the table.) That's aside from everything else she does on the side (let's just say: A LOT.) That's pretty damn impressive. So happy birthday, glorious mother! Let's hope one day I am a shadow of a shadow of what you are.


Taran/Brizingr said...

Yep Chana!! Being a Mother takes A LOT of work!! It's a great thing you are starting to appreciate your/our mother now, because think what would happen otherwise....
So Let's give this Mother our thanks and the Best Cooking Award for her Birthday in the merit of her daughter following in her footsteps

Urchin said...

Umm...what to say....what to say...Ah, here we go- I would like to wish my mom a very happy birthday and to have manymore happy ones to come. I would also like to thank her for all that she's done and is still doing and as my sister said "She does A LOT" and that's phrased in capitals. In addition, she's very experienced in cooking to the point when one chicken is bought- she buys 6 steaks, makes soup, rice, and pretty much everything else. Last but not least, she has a great family and I feel priviledged to be her son :)

Chana said...

Awww, Taran; you're super sweet. I love you lots. *smile*

And you have to start training to be a super-awesome Daddy because my family's got to have the best Uncle ever.

Chana said...

Aww, Urchin- sweet child as well! Yay for being privileged to be our Mom's kids!

Diet Dr. Pepper said...

"Someone needs to teach me how to drive."

Didn't we take drivers' ed together?

Have a good Shabbos, by the way.

dustfinger said...

lol mommy- happy birthday.
p.s. that was sweet, simple, and straight to the point. (that's how the best argument is won :D)

The Cousin said...

As mu father (your uncle would say): "when I was your age, we walked uphill both ways to get our groceries, barefoot too in the dead of winter".
(somehow I could never see Grandma allowing this to happen...but that's a different discussion).

Think of grocery shopping as a form of exercise (albeit a non-traditional one)...really!

Oh, and I don't think you'd want to drive in the City, would you? It's a lot harder (and more frustrating) than it appears. The only place worse to drive in than NYC is Boston (in my opinion).

More importantly please pass along my warmest wishes for a happy and healthy birthday to your mother!

Shira Salamone said...

Nut case and/or coward that I am, I grew up in the 'burbs, but waited 'til I was 29 and living in Manhattan to learn to drive. Result: I can dodge anything, but I'm nervous about driving faster than 35 miles per hour. :) Don't wait until you're 29 and then say, "I *will* have my driver's license before I'm 30," the way I did!

A very happy birthday to your mother, may she live and be well ad meah v'esrim shanah/'til the age of 120, or, as a former rabbi of mine used to say, "'Til 150, with inflation." :)