Thursday, August 06, 2009

Friendship Party

Did you know, according to my Sex & Gender roles teacher, same-sex friendships are more common than those between the sexes?

I always thought that was a function of our single-sex schools + the religious speeches they give you, but apparently that is true across the board.

Tis yet another way I'm an anomaly.

Random Factotem of Interesting Knowledge: I'm exhausted.
Random Fact 2: It's going to pour today.
Random Fact 3: I got soaked last time it poured, to the point that I had to walk into a Barnes and Noble and squeeze my sopping dress's accumulated water into a garbage can and pat my hair with paper towels to little or no effect.
Random Fact 4: I did not enjoy this experience (okay, I enjoyed it a little.)
Random Fact 5: I own no umbrella.
Random Fact 6: Today would thus be a good day to buy an umbrella.
Random Fact 7: It is nonetheless doubtful that I will indeed purchase the umbrella.

I already either read 2 books a day or watch 8 episodes of random shows (or films); I must introduce some variety into my life. Preferably not aligned with the splitting headache episode which

O, the joys of being awake at a time before the grocery stores and supermarkets actually open.


The Cousin said...

Fact #2 seems to apply to virtually every day this summer!

I keep an umbrella with me in my gym bag...but even still, during the storms I've been stuck in, it isn't too much help

Anonymous said...

of course same sex friendships are more common--easier not to fall in love that way.

Anonymous 10:51 AM said...

to clarify, wat i mean is most ppl can't handle it.

Interesting... said...

It's cool to have friends of both genders.

Hope your hair's dry!

Chana said...

Anon 10:51,

That's not nice, not nice at all. Just because I am cruel doesn't mean you should be.

Chana said...

By which I mean, it doesn't become you. As for most people can't handle it- that suggests people aside from you. What do you mean to suggest? In your experience, do you have special superpowers that enable you to be totally indifferent to everyone- and is that something you're proud of? Or to forget those you weren't indifferent to? Because that's something I would never aspire to.

Anonymous 10:51 said...

nono, what i mean is that it's good if ur able to handle it, but i've seen ppl i know get into things emotionally and whatever, it's just easier for a lot of ppl to not have friends of the opposite sex. wasn't meant to be cruel, i don't really know what you mean by that. i'm sorry my comment hurt you, it wasn't meant to. i just wasn't surprised that's what your teacher said.

Chana said...

Sigh. I hate mixing up Anonymousi. I wish you guys would create actual names or titles so I wouldn't have to try to identify you as one person or the other. It annoys the hell out of me when a bunch of different people comment under the same name and I can't tell them apart and thus don't know who is who.

Easier, maybe- but also far less rewarding. In my experience, guys make fantastic friends.

Dorron Katzin said...

There are no 24 hour supermarkets near where you live?

Siggy F said...

did you always have more guy friends than girl friends, or is it unconscious due to your expericences with the Templars?

Chana said...

Hey Siggy,

When I was in Templars, I kept the rules. That meant no talking to guys/ being friends and hanging out with them. Once I got the opportunity to be frends with them, I definitely took it, but I've always preferred guys to girls as friends (with the exception of several special female people; they know who they are.) So no- not just a reaction to Templars.

Siggy F said...

ok. but you did go to a school where boys & girls were separated even before Tempars, right?

Chana said...

Nope. My elementary school had boys and girls in the same building but in totally different wings of the building (I was upstairs- they were downstairs) so I didn't see them at all.