Saturday, August 22, 2009

Egla Arufa

My friend once told me this fantastic devar torah about egla arufa and I cannot for the life of me remember it except for the fact that I know I loved it. So if you have any amazing divrei torah re: this, please share them because I am trying to remember the one my friend told me.

UPDATE: I found it! YES!

Here's the devar torah, theoretically from R' Elya Lopian.

When it comes to an egla arufa, the ziknei ha'ir have to confess and say that "our hands did not spill this blood." Now, why is that? The Gemara says it's because they did not escort him out of the city, and therefore his murder somehow becomes their fault. The obvious question is: If he is between two cities and found dead, how can it be their fault if he is found miles away (not close to either city?)

The answer: If this person was attacked, he might have been able to fend/ fight off his attackers. The reason he did not do so is possibly because no one walked him out or showed him any respect or love. In this way, he lost his will to live and to fight off his attackers.

Thus, when someone sees that another person truly cares about them, it gives them the will to live on. And so we learn that every bit of kindness and love we show to others actually strengthens them.

Now, isn't that beautiful? I love that devar torah and it is pertinent to this week's parsha it is!

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Dana said...

that is a beautiful thought! thank you :)