Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dance Song Of The Day

Today's dance song: הסוד
Woke up this morning and that was all that was going through my head...
Dance party on the subway ;)

Perhaps my theme:

אני אמשיך לחיות, ולהנות
וכל היום לרקוד, ולבלות
ובלילות לצאת, עם חברים
ולנצל כל רגע בחיים


I'm going to continue living and enjoying
And dance and spend
And go out in the evenings with my friends
And to savour every moment of life


Ari said...

Unfortunately,the link to the song is out of date.
Enjoy your day!

Chana said...

Fixed it; it's HaSod by Sarit Hadad. Thanks for the good wishes. BTW, exactly why do you go by about 15 different names on this blog? Why not just pick one and stay with it...? Just wondering.