Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Darling, I Don't Know How To Tell You This, But There's a Chinese Family In Our Bathroom

Everyone should see '500 Days of Summer.'

It's poignant, sad, sweet and heartwrenching.


Firstly, the film is brilliant. It's a totally unconventional romantic comedy in that the main protagonist doesn't end up with the woman he loves. In fact, she treats him pretty badly. So it's the quintessential film for anybody who has had relationships that didn't end happily.

The lighting/ mood and the way the camera moves from scene to scene is also excellent throughout.

My favorite scenes:

1. Tom & Summer in Ikea. They're playing in the furniture store as though they were little kids, and they throw themselves down onto a showbed. Tom leans over Summer and drawls, "Dahling, I don't know how to tell you this, but there's a Chinese family in our bathroom," referring to the family who has come to check out the bathroom furnishings and is appalled to see two people lying down on a bed in the store. (You know who would totally play in furniture stores? That's right- me.)

2. The reality vs. expectations scene. The line regarding "Who would want to make something disposable like a building when you could make something that'd last forever, like a greeting card?" (Summer was so cruel throughout this movie- I really didn't like her. It was cruel of her to dance with Tom without telling him that she was getting engaged. She really led him on.)

3. Tom in his Twinkie-eating/ zombie/ bathrobe-wearing mode when he's thinking about Summer getting married and he's sad.

4. The scene in the park where he tells her he doesn't get how she went from being a only-looking-for-casual person to being somebody's wife. And how he'll never understand that. (She's so cruel in this scene, too.) Also, the conversation that goes like this:

Tom: I guess I should say 'Congratulations.'
Summer: Only say it if you mean it.
Tom: In that case [trails off- he doesn't.]

[more talk]

Tom: Summer- I do hope you're happy.

5. The girl named Autumn!


Soundtrack Pick: She's Got You High- iMummRa


Unknown said...

I loved the movie too!
I thought he Ikea scene was hilarious and perfect for them.
S: "Sink's broken."
T: "Well, that's ok because that's why we bought a home with two kitchens"
I also loved Tom's little sister. She was crazy cute and funny.

Anonymous said...

aw, i also loved '500 days of summer'! and i'm so glad you blogged about this because the "darling...bathroom" is one of my absolute top 5 favorite quotes of all time and i wanted to make sure i got it verbatim :)

Anonymous said...

I completely agree about it being an adorable film, but also very complex and kind of brutally honest. But I would disagree that Summer is a cruel person - clearly a confused one. I think she wanted to be sure of who she married, and who can blame her for that?

Unknown said...

I agree with you completely when you say Summer is cruel. Throughout the movie I just wanted to slap her.
What I found humorous, was the "there's a Chinese family in our bathroom..." scene and how he went from being with Summer, to meeting Autumn.