Friday, June 19, 2009

The Urchin & Taran Packing + Moving Service

With a huge burst of applause, we welcome you to...the Urchin and Taran Packing & Moving Service!

Should you ever wish to ship all of your dishes to another state, call upon these young adolescents. They gladly gave up their entire Friday (their first day of vacation) to pack dishes for their adoring older sister. They are very talented when it comes to spatial thinking, something which does not enter into my domain of expertise at all. Then again, they enjoy teasing me about their epic pre-calculus brilliance in general.

Seriously, though- boys, you rock. You are fabulous. I shall have to import you to New York to pack all of this up again when I depart. I love you guys!


Dana said...

oh wow!! so impressive! when are you leaving? sunday?

Anonymous said...

is it me or are you bringing paper towel to ny too??

Chana said...


Nope- that's bubble wrap. You buy it at Lowes, then wrap stuff in it. ;)

Uri said...

Awesome brothers you have!
Good shabbos!

Urchin said...

Moving Service? I would never have thought about that. For my part, I've had my fill of bubble wrapping a billion boxes (JK). However, i'm not looking forward to the day you leave the apartment-becase then there will be more things to pack in addition to the original ones. ;)

Taran said...

yes...thanx so much for the attention...and u know it was tiring work. but it's all good. anyway, my name is no longer Taran, but Brizingr. Please Correct!! Thank u!