Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm So Lucky

One of the women I love best in the world informed me of a piece of news I did not entirely understand, and at the time I was confused. But now, having had the time to think it over, I realize how incredibly lucky I am. Firstly, because it was one of the women I love best in the world who told me this piece of news, as opposed to my finding it out from a different source. Secondly, because I had my NCSY Shabbaton of great and distracting proportions to soothe me. Thirdly, because I returned home to Chicago to partyland where my family loves me and helps me. And fourthly, because my friend (whom I shall call Spock for the purposes of this blog) hit me up and told me he wanted to spend time with me. His "spending time with me" turned into:

1. Going out to eat at Taboun
2. Exploring the Botanical Gardens (which are beautiful)
3. Going to his house/ meeting his family/ his giving me his artwork
4. Checking out Borders and purchasing Shogun
5. Checking out Barnes and Noble
6. Heading to Northbrook Court to see "Star Trek"
7. Heading to Old Orchard to see "Star Trek" because the movie started too late at Northbrook Court, then watching Star Trek together
8. Driving me home, holding doors for me, and meeting my family
9. Calling me a "transcendent beauty"

And tonight I sit here and realize there are so many other ways that this piece of news could have come into my possession (imagine if I had learned of it while trying to finish the YU Observer, studying for finals and writing English papers), I thank God, who is Just, and realize how great His kindness and compassion are and have been. God ensured that I would be well-cared for and happy; He is good. I apologize for my mistrust.


Walter Sobchak said...

James Clavell's "Shogun"?!

Uri said...

You have inserted Botanical gardens under Showgun.

Showgun! What a great read!

The Cousin said...

Shogun--the book or the movie?
(Both of which are good).

Anonymous said...

smile with blush

Chana said...

Yes, James Clavell's Shogun. Yes, the book. Yes, it is amazing. And yes, it's Blackthorne the Barbarian time. ;-) Though the constant death gets unnerving.

Walter Sobchak said...

My wife jokes that I read "Shogun" like the Torah - I finish it and then start it again :)

The movie is pretty good as well. I bought the 5 disk DVD set @ Costco. There is a funny blooper in the opening sequence where you see the ships in ocean. If you look carefully at the water, you can see the shadow of the helicopter that is filming the ship.

Tzvi Feifel said...

that's one jam-packed date :P

former classmate said...

Did you share any of your art with your friend? Your drawings are lovely.

Chana said...

Wasn't a date, Tzvi, and you know it...*returns smile*

stern girl said...

What piece of news did you find out that made the non-date and other happy things so necessary?

Chana said...

Stern Girl,

That I'm actually Pinnochio, a toy puppet made out of wood.

Seriously speaking, I appreciate your care but my news is mine; I'm possessive like that.

The Cousin said...

I don't sort of sounds like it was a date....

Heck, it's better than the uncomfortable Shabbos dinner I found myself stuck at this past week.

Chana said...

LOL, tell me about the Bachelorette Party, Cousin?

Anonymous said...

God ensured that I would be well-cared for and happy; He is good. I apologize for my mistrust.
WADR you should think long and hard about this statement and the logical impolications.
Joel Rich