Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arranged: Muslims & Jews Can Be Friends!

RaggedyMom told me about an awesome independant film today, then took me to see it (we rented it). It's called 'Arranged.' An Orthodox Jewish woman and an observant Muslim woman are both teachers in a public school, become friends, and are both engaged in searching for their soulmates through shidduchim and other arranged forms of meeting people. Their lives intertwine and interesting things happen. ;-)

See the trailer below, and definitely rent the movie. It's fantastic and made me happy.

HUGE PLOT SPOILER (so don't read this if you don't want the movie spoiled for you): Not that I do shidduchim anyway (although my mom would probably love me to), but I'm totally betting you that if I did, that's how I'd get married one day...my Muslim friend from public school would set me up and be my shadchan. It's not even remotely crazier than other things that have happened...


RT said...

Hello gorgeous!
This was an interesting movie to watch while a bit under the weather. It brought back a few memories,too. I thought that the actresses who portrayed Rochel and Nasira did a lovely job.
The following is what I found particularly disturbing and/or funny:
a) Rochel mom's preoccupation with her daughter's figure while Rochel meeting prospective suitors . Anorexia in making!;

b)"The job of a Jewish woman is to SERVE a Jewish man"/per Russian Jewish guy from Kharkov; Good luck to him! May God bless him and keep him far away!

c) "She is particular. Mr perfect doesn't exist"/per matchmaker; Really now?

What did I like? The scene involving the red string against the evil eye. Very sephardi indeed! Haven't seen you wear your amulet for sometime now.

Thanks for the post.

Chana said...

Oh the lovely and unfortunately ill RT,

How exactly did you manage to get ahold of the movie? Did the boys get it for you? I am amused by the parts you liked.

You're serious about the amulet? I thought I was set as long as I wore turquoise (which, hold on a sec, is with ALL THE REST OF MY STUFF in Scarsdale, ack!) How's this- if you buy me some kind of ayin-hara themed anklet (but it has to be a thick strap, not a thin little thing that breaks), I will happily wear it.
Hurrah for compromise.

Rock on,
yet another child out of the house *smile*

RT said...

I watched it on youtube,all 10 parts of it! Whatever happened to the lovely turquoise eye bracelet and an eye neclace? It'll be challenging to find the kind of anklet you are requesting,however ,I'll give it a try.
Keep safe and take good care of yourself!

Diet Dr. Pepper said...

Thanks for the movie tip. Unbelievable timing, too, since I just became friends with a Muslim coworker, and we've bonded over the similarities in shidduchim, etc. Looking forward to seeing it.

Dunking Rachel said...

I saw this movie on Netflicks Roku....it was interesting...you can rent it too...netflicks is great there are all sorts of "ethnic" movies and hebrew movies with subtitles.....