Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Fall


I watched The Fall. It was exquisite. Dreamlike, tragic and beautiful all at once, exactly the way a movie should be. It made me cry. I cannot remember the last time a movie truly made me cry, as opposed to merely bringing tears to the eye. If I were a movie, I would be The Fall.

The wedding scene was one of the ones that made me cry.

But I also loved:
  • "Googly, googly, googly."
  • The quote you referenced regarding throwing oranges at priests.
  • The fact that Alexandria plants orange halves with teeth within them, thinking that will grow oranges with teeth.
  • The promise Roy makes to her and how he shows her his hands.
  • The poetry/ literary nature of the film. Also, the beautifully evocative soundtrack.
  • "The Fall"- falling from horses, orange groves, medicine cabinets, in battle...
  • And of course, the fact that Alexandria changes the story.
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

If only life was as simple and childish as The Fall.

Chana said...

I disagree with that statement entirely. 'The Fall' is not even remotely simple. Firstly, it features double-casting, with the men and women of the hospital acting as the star characters, just like "The Wizard of Oz." Secondly, the interweaving of the fantastical and real is amazing. Thirdly, it has everything to do with the idea of a child's grace and how a child can save someone's soul, although not via Communion wafer. The problems couldn't be more real- attempted suicide? Ruining one's career forever? The film is incredibly complicated- not simple at all.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think people escape into fantasy? Because it's simpler than reality.

Aaron said...

Anon 11:22 am,
fantasy might be simpler than reality,but I find nothing wrong with people escaping into fantasy as a way to relax or unwind.

Chana said...

If you think fantasy is simpler than reality, you have never read George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Do begin- the first book is entitled Game of Thrones.