Monday, June 15, 2009

Okay, I'm Knackered

Getting boxes from garage: 20 minutes
Packing stuff into boxes: 1 hour
Transferring boxes to car: 10 minutes
Driving to mikvah: 15 minutes
Toiveling dishes: 2 hours
Driving back: 15 minutes
Washing dishes & repacking them so as to ship them to New York: God knows, didn't start that part yet.

Best part: Woman who comes in to toivel dishes asking Dustfinger if she's a recently married lady, which is why she has so much stuff.

Dustfinger's expression: Priceless.

Anyway. I am knackered. Onward bound to the rest of this task.


dustringer said...


Dorron Katzin said...

Doesn't Dustfinger look a LITTLE young to be married?

Aaron said...

This is ridiculously funny!
I can only imagine a confused,puzzled,surprised and outraged look on Dustfinger's face framed by auburn hair of hers which you described in one of your posts in the past."Priceless" is an understatement of the centuary!

Good job achieving what you did today though.

YU student said...

And soon it'll be time to gather @ Chana's table.

Fun post!

The Cousin said...

Dustfinger got married--and I wasn't invited? :(

Question though: how are you getting your kitchen all the way to NYC?