Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Which Lakewood Is Awesome

So my fabulous cloaking companion got married (that was one of the happiest weddings I ever attended, ever) in Lakewood, which meant that I Q64ed-E trained-139 bussed it out there intrepidly. Walked in (in green Crocs, red toenails and a blue flower dress) to Bais Faiga to encounter the bride's mother, who looked at me and said, "Wait, I know you!"

I told her who I was and she escorted me to the uber-special bathrooms that nobody else knew about so I could change and prettify, which was great. And then I brilliantly managed to get lipstick on the bride's dress when she wanted me to hug her (not that she minded at all, because a) it was a tiny speck b) she was happy to see me and c) she just said B'seder and glowed). But it was the evening part that was best because....


The mother got her BA in psychology/ special education through some program in Brooklyn named Ita something-or-other and she is going for her Masters in Political Science and is super-smart and interesting. The father is one of the nicest, sweetest, kindest people ever and he learns in Lakewood's BMG (Beis Medrash Govoha) and they are fabulous people. The father had night seder till 10:30 PM and picked me up from Bais Faiga at 10:45 (so I got to stay for the whole wedding!) It worked out perfectly- I went there, slept over, had a party, was introduced to the two adorable children and am marvelling at the amazing chesed of Jews once more. Hurrah for all Jews! And thanks, Daughter of God.

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