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If I taught Mishlei, I would have all my students listen to "Beautiful" by Creed in order to understand King Solomon's warnings against the beautiful woman (and what she symbolizes). Then I would have them write an essay expounding upon the way the lyrics connect to the concepts in the perakim and/or why they feel they differ.


טז לְהַצִּילְךָ, מֵאִשָּׁה זָרָה; מִנָּכְרִיָּה, אֲמָרֶיהָ הֶחֱלִיקָה. 16 To deliver thee from the strange woman, even from the alien woman that maketh smooth her words;

יז הַעֹזֶבֶת, אַלּוּף נְעוּרֶיהָ; וְאֶת-בְּרִית אֱלֹהֶיהָ שָׁכֵחָה. 17 That forsaketh the lord of her youth, and forgetteth the covenant of her God.

יח כִּי שָׁחָה אֶל-מָוֶת בֵּיתָהּ; וְאֶל-רְפָאִים, מַעְגְּלֹתֶיהָ. 18 For her house sinketh down unto death, and her paths unto the shades;

יט כָּל-בָּאֶיהָ, לֹא יְשׁוּבוּן; וְלֹא-יַשִּׂיגוּ, אָרְחוֹת חַיִּים. 19 None that go unto her return, neither do they attain unto the paths of life;

כ לְמַעַן--תֵּלֵךְ, בְּדֶרֶךְ טוֹבִים; וְאָרְחוֹת צַדִּיקִים תִּשְׁמֹר. 20 That thou mayest walk in the way of good men, and keep the paths of the righteous.

~Proverbs 2

כז כִּי-שׁוּחָה עֲמֻקָּה זוֹנָה; וּבְאֵר צָרָה, נָכְרִיָּה. 27 For a harlot is a deep ditch; and an alien woman is a narrow pit.

כח אַף-הִיא, כְּחֶתֶף תֶּאֱרֹב; וּבוֹגְדִים, בְּאָדָם תּוֹסִף. 28 She also lieth in wait as a robber, and increaseth the faithless among men.

~Proverbs 23

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