Monday, June 01, 2009

Letter To God

One of the most beautiful songs of all time is Duncan James' "Letter to God." You can listen to it here. (His entire album, "Future Past," released in 2006, is utterly gorgeous.)

Here are the lyrics.


The part I like best in the song:

Are you listening?
I'm shooting rubber bands up at the stars
Some days I just don't know where you are
I'm feeling kind of lost down here

It's the image of someone shooting rubber bands up at the stars that I love...there's something fantastic about that.

And then, the chorus also really resonates with me:

Tell me what does it mean
Are you receiving me?
And if there's something that I forgot
I'll put it down in a letter to god
To you

It's like humans are a radio frequency and God has to turn on the radio in order to "receive" their prayers; hence the question: "Are you receiving me?" And I like that idea, too.

So put a child on a star-watching rock out of a Madeline L'Engle book, have her shoot rubber bands at the stars and then have her question God as to whether He is receiving her on his radio frequency, and you have Chana at her best.

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