Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My favorite film as a child was Sleeping Beauty on Ice starring Robin Cousins & Rosalynn Sumners. Tchaikovsky's music for 'Sleeping Beauty' has always been the most magical to me, outdoing the Nutcracker and Swan Lake. In the film, which I was only privileged to watch at Grandma's house, I thrilled each time Carabosse brilliantly lured Aurora to her spindle. There was a room filled with beautiful fabric and flickering colorful lights; Aurora skated within and picked up a piece of fabric...finally she came too close and touched the spindle.

Colorful, gorgeous and otherwise exquisite, I always loved that production of Sleeping Beauty. Carabosse, the Wicked Fairy, spoke most to me. I loved the music that signalled her appearance and the scene in which she lured Aurora to prick her finger.

Alas, I can't find those scenes online, so I'll show you a scene where Carabosse enters in the ballet (not the ice-skating) version:

Carabosse and Aurora are two extremes. Of the two, I love Carabosse. Perhaps that's because I am her in a way...


former classmate said...

Chana,how are you Carabosse "in a way"? Those of us who know you somewhat don't see it.

Beth said...

Do yuu know that in many ballet productions the character of Carabosse is usually portrayed by a male dancer?

Chana said...

former classmate,

Carabosse is the slighted fairy. They forgot to invite her and now she's going to come back at them with a vengeance; she's going to get them but good. And she does it brilliantly and cleverly and with lots of awesome ballet and fabulous music thrown in. I like her evil side. My evil side is totally Carabosse.


Yup! I find it amazing that the men are so talented at portraying the wicked fairy. In my favorite production, the ice skating one, a man plays Carabosse- although with the wig and all I never knew that. ;)

Chana said...

For instance, Anthony Dowell is pure evil in the role.