Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Continued Adventures of Olly and Spock

Today, after not sleeping well, I moodily arose to face the morning light streaming into my room. Rubbing my eyes, I checked the time, then walked over to my computer.

Spock typed to me on Gmail Chat: Are you awake?
I answered crabbily: Unfortunately.

You see, I had to go continue washing dishes (the toiveling adventure is by no means concluded.) Despite this, Spock cheered me and informed me that I had to be ready by 10:45 AM, as that is when he would stop by to pick me up. And, if needed, he planned on washing dishes with me.

Tall, model-handsome Spock was waiting for me at precisely that time in his silver car. By then I had showered and otherwise revived. We returned to his home where we watched episodes of Frasier, definitely the most hilarious sitcom I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Frasier's humor is very much my own; it is erudite, intelligent humor as opposed to slapstick or crude jokes. After having watched 2 episodes, Spock and I headed off to the train station, where we enjoyed a train ride on the Metra and went to Downtown Chicago. By this point in time, it was freezing and pouring rain. Spock had cleverly thought to bring a blue umbrella along; he gets props for that. We walked through Millenium Park and to the Art Institute, where we checked out the new Modern Wing. Hitman had wanted me to do that, but I had not been available that day.

The Modern Wing is a beautifully spacious, airy, light-encompassing space. It is lovely. The works encased therein are also fascinating. I liked this painting by Peter Doig best. It is entitled Gasthof zur Muldentalsperre:

Then, famished after viewing all the wonderful artwork, we headed to the Art Institute Cafe. There, I purchased a bag of pretzels and The Recalcitrant Orange, while Spock purchased two cookies, pretzels and a Naked juice. He had politely waited till past 3:00 for me to say that I was hungry instead of telling me that he was. In any case, The Recalcitrant Orange was so-termed due to the fact that it did not wish to be peeled by my lovely fingernails, and so Spock had to cut a slice of skin off down the middle, exposing the orange core beneath. This looked like a piece of Modern art, something upon which we both remarked. Eventually, I ate The Recalcitrant Orange and Spock told me he enjoyed his Pretzel Fine Dining Experience.

After this, we looked at the Photography Wing, then headed back out into the pouring rain to return to the train. But not before walking through Millenium Park and passing by The Bean. Oddly, halfway up The Bean, someone had managed to place two handprints, which stood out given the rain sluicing down. Observe:

We then realized that the Band-Pit had an orchestra performing therein! So there were Spock and I, soaked to the bone, walking in the midst of Millenium Park with naught but a small blue umbrella above us, being serenaded by powerful orchestral music. Spock could not stop laughing when the trombones joined in. It was hilarious and lovely simultaneously.

We shivered and pressed onward, reaching the train station in time to board. (On the way, I engaged in some interpretive dance....rain dances are fun.) Spock did not drive us back to his house before ensuring that I would have food. Thus, we made a quick stop at the grocery store and he purchased Chewy Chips Ahoy!, Nestle Hot Chocolate, Snyder Pretzels and best of all, Styrofoam Cups so that I would be able to eat and drink at his house. Spock has an incredibly respectful attitude toward my many confusing and otherwise peculiar Jewish practices.

We returned home and Spock covered me in towels and blankets, ensuring that I could warm up a bit. He made me hot chocolate; we had our cookie-and-pretzel party, continued watching Frasier, and his mother was so sweet that she invited me to dinner (which of course I could not eat, as I keep kosher.) He then ventured outside into the pouring rain (barefoot; he decided it would be fun to drive me home barefoot) and drove me home.

And thus does one have a perfect day.


Anonymous said...

Why do I think Spock is an imaginary friend?

Stay off the Vicodin you are starting to hallucinate.

Ari said...

Anon 11:26 pm,
you are one jealous prick!

Erachet said...

Omg, I love the painting with the bridge!

Рогожин said...

>Why do I think Spock is an imaginary friend?

Moron, you can see the two of them in the reflection from the Bean. Or maybe she Photoshopped him in?

>Stay off the Vicodin you are starting to hallucinate.

Maybe this whole blog is a figment of your imagination.


Anonymous said...

Jealous of the Vicodin, maybe.

Jealous of talking to an alien, no way.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that too is a picture of them at the entrance to candy land.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Millenium Park's got some good free concerts sometimes..

Anonymous said...

This was such a fun post! But please could all of Chana's defenders just stop. Your protection is not needed.

Рогожин said...

>This was such a fun post! But please could all of Chana's defenders just stop.

This has nothing to do with defending Chana.

But if this anonymous insists on attacking her, at least he should not go about it like a complete moron.

fudge said...

I like Spock. Does he make stops in Wisconsin?

Parkerteld said...

Anon 11:26 pm, you are one jealous prick!