Monday, June 08, 2009

Movie Recommendation

Alas, my laptop is in its death throes. iTunes killed itself long ago, Paint died early on, and now my laptop cannot play any DVDs. That is most depressing. How exactly I managed to ruin the movie-playing capabilities of this wonderful item that makes me happy, I do not know, but I did.

Nevertheless, I am curious to hear movie recommendations from you!

I like: Drama, Adaptations of various and sundry books (it's generally okay if it's a mini-series as well) and that's about it. No Horror, Comedy or Chick Flicks for this girl (maybe the occasional chick flick.)

Kindly recommend away! Thanks.

CORRECTION: Not only does my laptop not play DVDs, but it actually ruins them! It scratched a DVD to all hell last night. Alas. Ruined $20 movie.


Gavi said...

My short list:

1) The Grenada TV version of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, starring Jeremy Brett. It's like having the book in live 3D (they stated as much that they were trying to be as close to the original).

[Granted, I am a Sherlock Holmes fan, and it's technically a TV series, but they are still awesome and nobody in North America seems to have heard of it.]

2) Paaschendale

3) Men With Brooms
[technically a romantic comedy-drama, but it might be quirky enough for your tastes.]

[Two of my preferred Paul Gross films]

4) Les choristes
[Beautiful music. Find a subtitled version - the French original is quite something... granted, I do speak the language.]

5) The Pianist

6) The Gospel According to God
[watch with an open mind]

7) Hahesder

8) Brick
[more mystery-drama, film noir]

Got to get back to work now (have a deadline for tomorrow AM). Maybe will recommend more when my head isn't spinning...

Uri said...

Saturday Night Fever
October Sky
Belle de Jour
Bed of Roses

Unknown said...

Chana, I just discovered your blog and really enjoy it. I found it because I was wondering if Stern students still decorate their doors when someone gets engaged, so I did a Google search and found your wonderful, comprehensive post about life at Stern. Incidentally, I graduated in 1999, after arriving in 1995 as a "real" freshman. I lived in Schottenstein the first year it opened, and took four classes from Rabbi Auman because I enjoyed them so much.

YU student said...

1)Some like it hot
2)All about Eve
4)Pretty woman

Walter Sobchak said...

1) The Battle for Algiers
2) The Painted Veil (based on Somerset Maugham)
3) The Rocky Horror Picture Show (because you cannot see it too many times)
4) The Big Lebowski of course :)

Baruch said...

The Queen
Kramer vs.Kramer
The last samurai
Salaam Bombay!

AJ said...

Searching for Bobby Fischer. Trust me, you'll love it. You can watch the trailer and the movie on youtube.

C said...

"Although I've dedicated my life to God and His goodness, I secretly love throwing oranges at our priest."
-The Fall

Chana said...


Thank you! I shall look up 'The Fall.'