Friday, June 19, 2009

Stranded in Lakewood...Not

With the combined help of Abergakames & Daughter of God, I am going to fly into New York, hang out in Queens, go to Manhattan, take public transportation to Lakewood, attend a wedding, and then sleep over at someone's house whom I have never I will not be aimlessly wandering the streets of Lakewood! This is FABULOUS! Lakewood Party dance now! And hurrah for Jews who practice incredible chesed always. Today is a day to speak good of the Jews, as my father says.

Also, I dreamed last night that two girls I know burned down an entire dormitory a la crazy madwoman from Jane Eyre. The dream incorporated real life (I know the girls), high-falutin' literature, cell phones that didn't work, 24 (the bomb looked remarkably like the canister...), and amazing maintenance men. Also, the roof crashing in. Have I ever mentioned that death by burning significantly frightens me? If I die in a car crash, please let it be on impact- not by burning to death.

Best of all, it is THUNDERSTORMING in Chicago! Huzzah thunderstorms!

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dustfinger said...

cut it out, chana. enough with your morbid-ness.