Monday, June 01, 2009

Please Care That I Exist Today

We go walking through the world
And we have one simple plea;
Please care that I exist today,
And that will heal me.

Please care that I exist today;
I walk the world like you.
Despite the smile on my face,
I feel see-through, too.

The sky is lit with color;
The ocean glows so blue.
A dazzling array of fireworks,
And no one has a clue.

I’m bruised but I’m not broken.
I’m holding up all right.
But all I want is someone
To comfort me at night.

Please care that I exist today,
Help me so I cry.
And having given up the pain,
Awake tomorrow- to try.

I want truly to be happy-
I really want to soar.
But this glass forms my ceiling
When it should be my floor.

Give me strength so I can follow;
Sing me songs so that I dance
Let me find the God I seek;
Prayer is my only chance.

Please care that I exist today;
Please share your soul with me.
I will give it back, I promise.
I might even set you free.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Did Chana write this? There was no accreditation.

Anyway, for what it's worth there are many out here who care and are thankful for your postings over the years.

You have a beautiful Jewish soul, and I pray that you will find the God you seek.

Just don't tire of looking for Him.


Chana said...

Yes, I wrote this- I wanted to say this simply, in a child's words, in simple and pure form, as opposed to trying to write something tricked-out and fancy. And thanks very much for the well-wishes.

David_on_the_Lake said...