Monday, June 15, 2009

Bloody Bloody Bloody Bloody Bloody Bloody Hell

Random fact of useless knowledge: Someone ought to write a dissertation comparing House's love of Vicodin to Captain Jack Sparrow's love of rum. They particularly ought to compare the kiss-off scenes. House' takes place with Cameron; Sparrow's features the lovely Elizabeth Swann.

Slightly more useful statement: Someone should go get me a drink.


The Cousin said...

#1--You're not 21 no alcohol for you.

#2--Aren't you at home right now? Therefore, no alcohol for you again.


Ari said...

"A pale self-portrait looked out of the mirror with the serious eyes of all self-portraits." N.V.

There is always a solution somewhere,just look for it a little harder.

Anonymous said...

House = Holmes (Sherlock), who was addicted to cocaine morphine.

Baruch said...

Why don't you settle for a book instead?

Aaron said...

Chana,no problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking. Whatever it is-hope you get to the answers soon.

Myles said...

In my experience while a good book solves a lot of problems sometimes you just need a drink. or to quote Chris Rock 'we all just need to get high(or drunk, or ___)Every once in a while we all just need to get away from ourselves for a little while.

Myles said...
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Anonymous said...

right now my problem is being subjected to LOUD music

and some joy

A said...

Hey Chana,what exactly are you trying to express by "b b b b b b h"? Is it anger,shock,surprise? I believe that clarification is in order,don't you?

a friend from Uptown said...

Chana,have fun!

Ingredients for a Bloody Hell:

Quantities for one drink:

4 1/2 oz Absolut® Vodka or Grey Goose
6 oz V8® Vegetable Juice
3 Dashes Hot Sauce From Hell® Pepper Sauce
7 - 8 Dashes Worcestershire Sauce
2 - 3 Pinches Salt
2 - 3 Pinches black Pepper

Blending Instructions:

Pour the vodka over plenty o' ice cubes in a tall glass
Add the Worcestershire sauce and habanero sauce, and stir
(If you can't find Hot Sauce From Hell, use 5 dashes of the hottest Habanero sauce you can find, or 8-10 dashes of Tabasco as a last resort
) Pour in the V8 juice .Give one stir only. Cover the ice generously with salt and then with fresh, coursely ground black pepper (like so it sticks in your teeth and you gotta chew it)