Sunday, August 09, 2009

happy chana! here be seven things I love

I changed up the blog, as you can see, and now it is COLORFUL. And color makes me super-happy! And on that note, I shall do the meme that everyone wants me to do about things that make me happy. So here we things I love/ that make me happy.

1. People! I love people, particularly my fantastic family, The Little Old Lady, my Mermaid Child (who is now 21, mazal tov!), The Girl From Philly, BlueJew, CS Louis, Lightman + The Tent-Peg Wielder, Daughter of God, Spock, Sam, Jordan and so forth. Also, my amazing cousin Yechiel who has gone off to Israel to join the IDF (I miss him.)

2. Books! Every single kind, but particularly fantasy and fiction. (George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series remains my favorite.) And Sefarim- I've decided that since my mother already purchased my kitchen, my wedding registry will consist of the Beit Midrash I desire instead. No Bed, Bath & Beyond for Me- it's gonna be an Eichlers party. *smirk*

3. Papyrus. Papyrus is a card-store and if you ever want to make me happy, you should buy me a glittery card from there. I don't like Hallmark or any other card-store as much as I do Papyrus. (At my wedding, dear people, I only expect Papyrus cards- if you purchase another, it shows you don't know me well enough.)

4.The Creative Process- Whether it's painting, cooking, dancing, thinking, I love to create things (and most importantly, myself, a la The Rav.)

5. New and Interesting Situations. Have a crazy idea of something that'd be fun to do? Doesn't matter if it's 3 AM- call me up and let's go have a party! Whether it's Shakespeare in the Parking Lot or dancing in fountains, Chana is there, there, there! Nothing crazy has ever stopped me before (unless it's dangerous.)

6. Parties! I love parties which are intimate enough that people can get to know one another. So not huge, overstuffed parties where people are chewing on canapes and trying to painfully avoid stepping on one another's toes. But parties where people are actually doing something fun and/or talking to one another.

7. Glitter and Color. No matter what you get me, as long as it is glittery and colorful, I will love it. All my t-shirts are glittery and colorful, as are my paintings, as are my fingernails and toenails when I get them done, as are my get the idea.

I tag God! And being brilliant, I can answer for Him- seven things He loves:

1. When I follow His will as opposed to exercising mine
2. When I've figured out the lessons He's teaching me
3. When I quit sulking and am happy instead!
4. When I talk to Him (particularly if I'm respectful but He's good with angry Chana, too)
5. When I get very excited about His Torah
6. When all of us Jews demonstrate our love for one another
7. When I honor the Shabbat day as He desires!

I'm going to add an eighth thing for God- His daughter. God loves me. Sometimes I can't tell, but I know that it is true. And for the times I both know it and feel it, well, that makes me happy, too.


a friend from Stern said...

Like the new look!
What's this about a wedding? Am I missing something? You know,you'll get hundreds of books as a wedding gift if you so desire,but they won't be exactly the furniture or the bedding you'll need to set-up house.

All the things you wrote describe you exactly the way you are. You tagged G-d?! What a cute and novel idea! Loved his responses too.
A fun post!

Chana said...

By 'wedding' what I really mean is 'some kind of splendiferous party I get to throw at some point in my life'- so no, you are not missing anything, my dear.

nmf #7 said...

Awesome photo on top- can I show my ignorance and ask where it's from?

Chana said...

s'from Max & Mina's Ice Cream Place in Queens.

The Cousin said...

Re: #2--You'll have to send me a link to your "registry" when it comes time. It sounds like you'll have an interesting shower or two preceding your 'some kind of splendiferous party I get to throw at some point in my life'-

#3--same as the above. You'll have to remind me. I have a friend who also loves Papyrus and it's products.

#4--Agreed! In fact, I'm currently consuming one of my newest snacks that I literally tossed together in the kitchen.
(Cottage cheese+flax seeds+cocoa powder+stevia--yummy!) I think the creative process should also be extended to encompass the creation of problem solving ideas/solutions (Rather than say be limited to physical creations).

#5--3am? Don't you sleep?

That ice cream menu makes me think of the 50s themed diner that's accross ths street from me. Never been in it, but from looking inside, the decor looks almost identical. (The best Chicago analogy I can think of would be Ken's Diner)

Anonymous said...

you are trying way too hard to be happy, I'll talk from experience, it doesn't work, you have to just let it come, you are trying to force it, it and will only backfire.

what about that black banner you had up for a very short time a while ago? and why wasn't candy land colorful enough?

Shimon said...

You should put a book wish list up on your blog. Not committing to donate but you never know...

Beth said...

Anon August 09 4:31 pm said:

"you are trying way too hard to be happy, I'll talk from experience, it doesn't work, you have to just let it come, you are trying to force it, it and will only backfire."

Anon,Chana was TAGGED to describe the things that make her happy. It's not appropriate to assign your perception of "forced happiness" or question her choice of banner. It's her blog,she can do whatever she wants with it. Let's respect it.

Anonymous said...

"Anon,Chana was TAGGED to describe the things that make her happy."

oh, I missed the sentence of the meme, I must've been so thrown off by the new color scheme. colors are like sugar, they give you a temporary high.

non de plume said...

Sweet post :-). But, um, you were joking/being fasicious about being brilliant and knowing G-d's answers, right? You seem quite intelligent, but I don't think its healthy for anyone to proclaim their own brilliance, and certainly not to the extent that they can answer for G-d.

Hope that didn't sound preachy, I'm probably just not getting an inside joke or something :-).

Chana said...

Of course I'm joking- the tone is meant to be amused, entertained, lighthearted, etc. Though truth is, I think God's answers are in the Torah and everything I listed was simply derived from there.