Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Welcome(d) The Shabbat Queen, Part 4

So this Shabbat we had 13 people total for Friday night! And it was absolutely awesome. I completely had a party. Thanks to Ginny for potatoes, The Challah Man for challah, Fudge for grape juice, The Aristocrat for wine and Hospital-Saviour Dude for drinks. And thank you to The Girl From Philly for putting in a surprise appearance and making me happy. Also, D-Cap is to be thanked for helping chop vegetables for my stir-fry while Fudge and Dana helped wash lots and lots of dishes! And last but not least, an intrepid blog-commenter and his sister dined by us for Shabbat, so you see, it does work...if you read the blog, you come for Shabbat!

So Friday cooking took from 8 AM through 7:11 PM (with several breaks to tzniufy to accept gifts and offerings from lovely guests.) Here's what we had!

Aside from mushroom-barley soup, which you already saw, the meal featured Meat- Vegetable lasagna:

Sweet & Sour Chicken:

Carrot Tzimmes:

Baked Onions With Sundried Tomatoes:

Vegetable Stir-Fry:

And for dessert, home-baked cookies with chocolate frosting and sprinkles on top!

This was my apartment just before Shabbat:

Then I jumped in the shower at 7:11 and ended up being ready in time for Shabbat. Huzzah!


D-Cap said...

Hey! I washed dishes too!

dustfinger said...

it all looks incredibly delicious! i'm mamash shepping nachas!
p.s. when you come home, you're making those cookies. thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

That was a lot of work! Quite a variety of food items. Where did you learn how to cook? Enjoy reading your blog.

Aaron said...

Chana,everything you prepared looks so appetizing. It's food, service and ambiance that I think of when I get invited for shabbos or go to a restaurant. However,it's the feel of a place where the meal takes place that I believe is used as a yardstick by which all is judged. I'd like very much to see a picture of your set shabbat table. It must be lovely,just like all the pictures I'd seen thus far. Too bad I don't live in the Golan Heights or I would've asked for a shabbos dinner invite.

RaggedyNephew said...

wow this is making me hungry.....

Uri said...

The stuff looks amazing. So when you are not busy stydying or writing,you are busy cooking. Good deal!

Harrisplpv said...

That was a lot of work! Quite a variety of food items. Where did you learn how to cook? Enjoy reading your blog.