Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coconut Milk

I need a place that I can purchase parve coconut milk (with a hechsher.) Or I need total proof that cans of the substance without a hechsher (i.e. Goya) are kosher. Who has recommendations? Key Food only has Goya, which drives me slightly out of my mind.

Update: Never mind- the CRC says it's kosher!

Some brands available that are acceptable: Goya brand Coconut Milk – (when labeled “Product of Dominican Republic”)



The Cousin said...

mmmm...coconut milk....

I've got some good recipies that use coconut milk. In fact, I think I'll maybe make one (or two) next week.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This link to the CRC is not working. Can you post the information saying that Goya coconut milk is kosher? Thanks!