Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't Frown, Don't Scorn, Cause I Walk A Different Street To You

If my Sex & Gender Roles class had a theme song, it'd be 'The Fake Sound of Progress' by Lostprophets.

Somebody told me that I'd always have to bow
If that was true I would have fallen apart by now
The more you think, the less you act their way
So can you hear this, the fake sound of progress

Never reason with a fool, but is that unkind,
Looks like I've lost my mind once again
I know it all sounds so contrived, but it's got to me
You know I've got to be more than this
Don't frown, don't scorn, cause I walk a different street to you
You look so worn, I bet that life has has got you blown
But it will never get to me


Best lines thus far: "Well, if you're in this class, regardless of your religion, you must be somewhat progressive."

"Right. So I recall that we didn't like the word 'tolerance' so we won't use that word in class."

(Both of those, in case you care, are aimed at me. I'm patronizingly and condescendingly told that I am 'progressive' despite my religion- oh, yippee- and it's a bad thing if I suggest 'tolerance' for homosexuals and transgendered individuals should be the goal, not full-out marching in allied parades. This is aside from the fact that I am "elitist and a bit ignorant" which is "sad because you're so smart" in the words of one friend of mine because I won't marry anyone who isn't a Jew. Listen, I totally understand where you're coming from- all of you- but I don't think it's right for you to look down on something you don't understand. The Bible and religion have gone out of fashion and out of vogue- but you've never even read them! You have no idea what they're about. If you want to criticize, it'd be best if you'd read the texts first. Obviously I respect you and your point of view. But it irks me that you feel you have a right to criticize what is totally outside of your knowledge base.)


Unknown said...


inkstainedhands said...

I completely agree.

I hate it when people criticize and slander without even knowing what they are talking about. It makes them look so ignorant and foolish when they judge and give their opinion on something they know nothing about.

The Cousin said...

You definitely don't fall into the category of being a "progressive".

Ugh...I so didn't like those people when I was back in school.

Jewish Atheist said...

Ah, but you ignore those of us who do have the knowledge base and still criticize. :-)

David Staum said...

As far as marrying only a Jew, make the point that it's about values. Values aren't an abstract. They're about how you live your life. How could you have a successful marriage with a man who doesn't practice as you do and believe as you do? How could you agree how to raise the kids?

Maybe you're challengers will understand that better.