Friday, August 14, 2009

The Case of the Missing Pralines

I thought I had brought them home. Maybe we left them by the side of the road when the awesome little old man with the green shopping cart came zipping by. In any case, I have searched and searched for them and I cannot find them. Which means I have to go get dressed, go outside and buy another box of pralines. Which I hate doing on Fridays. Damn tzniufying.

Just another reason I should have been born a boy.


Gavi said...

tzniufying - an interesting coinage.

For what it's worth, us boys have to "tzniusify" too when we leave the house or appear in front of others. In my single days I used to wear shorts - my wife asked me to always wear long pants before we got married. And since then, I never wear shorts outside...

Anonymous said...

Go Gavi head on he got it right here i mean really to get annoyed of being proper come on definetly disappointing be happy who you are and as well what you have think about it take care and Good Shabbos bye it

Ben Rosenfeld