Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Fairy Queen 2

(a modern-day adaptation)

The Fairy Queen was crying on the E train.

She said: Please, God- won't you
take all the pieces
and make me whole again?

God said: You must forgive the mortal man.
She said: You have no idea how hard it is.
God said: Of course I do. I made you.
She said: But my enemy dances in my head.
God said: You're stronger than that.
She said: I'm always falling.
God said: The better part of yourself will win out.
She said: I trust You. I hope that's true. I pray for them, but I wonder what good that does considering how angry I am.
God said: Even your anger is a tool.
She said: Give me a cause.
God said: Remember that you are the Fairy Queen.
She said: Why must everything impossible be given to me?
God said: You're special.

(The Fairy Queen rolled her eyes.)

She said: I fail You in everything.
God said: You only think that. It's not true.
She said: I wish I believed that.

And she turned away.

God smiled at her but she didn't see.

She said: But my friend, my friend! I had one friend. Only one and You took him from me.

God was silent.

She walks, the Fairy Queen, and she tries to figure out how to use her anger for a pure purpose. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

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