Sunday, August 30, 2009


Dana is a licensed bartender. Thus, to celebrate Dolls' birthday and to wish her good wishes, she decided to make us all mojitos. Alas, there are no fresh mint leaves to be found anywhere within Washington Heights, so the mojitos are now fauxjitos (false mojitos).

I was dying of laughter when I saw that she decided to use the rolling-pin as a muddler. Oh gods, the joys of living with lovely people in Washington Heights.

Y'all wish you were part of our Bacardi party.

(The Cousin, you don't get to express any disapproval because a) your roommate is a licensed bartender and b) remember how you got me my drink at the wedding? *wink*)


Dana said...

i love it!! we look so dignified.. oh chana, no matter how much you try to civilize me, my ghetto roots will leak out somewhere..

Dolls said...

It's a really lucky girl who gets to actually sip Bacardi like it's her birthday.

Thanks guys for making my day special!

Anonymous said...

Chana's posts never fail to:
1) teach her readers at least some English;
2)impart some humor;
3) make the readers laugh.

Happy Birthday to Dolls!

The Cousin said...

For the record, I did not plan to express any disapproval!

In fact, I enjoyed the post! (For the record--I don't drink, but on many occasion have had to come up with random cocktails with limited ingredients).

Yes, my roomate (a/k/a my sister) is a bartender (in fact she's working until 4AM tonight!)

And to absolve myself of any potential wrongdoing, this "drink at the wedding thing", I suddenly have no recollection of. *wink*