Saturday, August 08, 2009

Oh, Tis A Party Being Me

1. I am not watching pornography for my Sex & Gender Roles Class. My teacher is nice enough to allow us to make up those classes some other way + my father would not approve= ye gods, since when is pornography class? All right, I mean I kind of get it...but really? Really? Sex films in class...and disturbing ones at that. Rape, violence, not stuff that really makes me too happy, you know?

2. How can I get to Ateres Charna via public transportation? Alternatively, who else is going to my beloved Daughter of God's wedding on Monday (and do you want to give me a ride?) Does it help at all if I sleep over in Monsey and then try to get there via public transport?


Miri said...

I think probably the point of the pornogrophy has something to do with the way misogyny and unrealistic sexual expectations are ramapant in accepted American culture. There might be some value to viewing that material in that context; it's good to be aware of what pornography does to people.

Josh said...

You can always sign up for Zipcar ( which lets you rent a car by the hour.

Gavi said...

Re: your first difficulty, look up Robert Jensen - I really like his anti-pornography critiques, since he comes at it from a left-wing feminist point of view. For some reason, his arguments make more sense to me than the typical right-wing moral arguments.

To very briefly paraphrase one of his arguments: he focuses on the degrading nature of virtually all pornography, and argues that it objectifies both performer and consumer.

Here are some articles from his homepage:

harry-er than them all said...

ateres charna is right next to new square, as in walking distance from the entrance to the enclave. you could take the monsey trails bus to its end (at new square) or you could get to monsey and get a lift/cab there.

monsey trails can be picked up in manhattan at different points (midtown, financial district) or in williamsburgh and boro park