Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of Revel!

I've got to tell you I'm super-excited because...I have class in an hour and a half and it will be my first day of Revel!

Now, I've decided we're going to offer Revel via the Internet with the caveat that anyone who learns something from my notes/ syllabi give a donation to Yeshiva University and/or Revel (assuming you have the funds.)

In any case, our assignment for Rabbi Mordechai Cohen's Shmuel class (my first one today) is to read Adele Berlin's 'On the Use of Traditional Jewish Exegesis.' You can read or download it here. Please read and comment to this post with your thoughts!

(Everything Revel-related will appear in my 'YU Event Coverage' post here, for those seeking convenience.)


Aaron said...

Mazel tov Chana!
May you do exceptionally well and blog about all the interesting happenings taking place in grad school!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chana,mazel tov on starting grad scool!
In other news,do you even know that you've been nominated to join the blogger's convention in Irael/free ticket? You can read about it here:

Well deserved!

Charlie Hall said...

Mazel tov on starting graduate school!

(And we'd still love to host you for a Shabat.)