Monday, August 10, 2009

Olly the Brooklynite: Durkheim, Derisha & Delicacies

Today I went to school only to become very saddened due to the fact that the teacher marked me down for saying what I think. But I shall talk it over with her tomorrow, and I think I can get the grade changed since she is really very nice and she was tired by the time she graded my paper.

Then my other teacher talked to me about the paper I had written marrying Durkheim and the Rav and told me he thought I had the workings for a Sociology Thesis there and that he wanted me to write it. He thought the way I had brought Jewish theology (specifically the Rav's "Sacred and Profane") and connected it to Durkheim was really good. So I appreciated that, even though I don't think I'll be writing that thesis. He smoked while he spoke to me so now I smell like cigarettes and that reminds me of Sam.

After that I took the 6 train to 28th street and met up with my buddies the manicurists because they are the only people in New York who can do my eyebrows right. Onward to NYC Looking Good for a haircut (for the simple reason that I refused to spend exorbitant amounts of money on this) and then I decided I wanted to go to Brooklyn. Why, you ask? Several reasons.

1. My Unlimited MetroCard expires tomorrow
2. I wanted to visit the little old man at Isaac's Bake Shop (and wanted to buy fresh bread)
3. I wanted to go to Eichlers!
4. I had to visit Oh Nuts (you know I love candy stores, even if I don't buy anything.)

So all of this was accomplished, although not in that order. Random fact: I love the Eichlers people; they are always so nice to me. I have about a million books I want to read...most importantly, I checked out Volume 3 (Partners in Life) of the R' Getsel Ellinson series and read it in the store. It's great. Did you know that it used to be that the man would see his wife the night before he married her? The Derisha on the Tur explains that. But the man was engaged to the lady before without seeing her! Egad. There's plenty more interesting stuff in that book. (Did you know that if you rape your wife you are very guilty per Jewish law? Hurrah for Jewish law; I approve of no marital rape.)

Also, for whoever asked me about the 'Nissuin/ Kidushin she'lo K'Das Moshe V'Yisrael' by the same author, I asked Shmulik (amazingly helpful guy who is in charge of all the Hebrew sefarim) and he couldn't find it in their system so Eichlers doesn't sell it. *sad face*

Random aside: Asked two different people there- does Eichlers not sell Judaic journals? They had Hakirah (which cracked me up, since different teachers of mine from Stern were quoted), but not the other journals I was looking for. What if I wanted to get ahold of Azure, Tradition, Yeshurun, etc- where would I look?

Anyway, I went to Isaac's Bake Shop on the way back, although the little old man wasn't there. The man with glasses was! So I got my pumpernickel bread and my smiley-face cookie and told him all about how this is my favorite bakery and wait for it, wait for it...he asked me..."You grew up around here?"

Now what is it with all these people thinking that I am a Brooklynite? (Though I admit, today was black shirt + short pencil jean skirt + pearl earrings and necklace, so I understand.) So I explained to him that no, I am from Chicago, but I went to school at Stern in Midtown and there are no bakeries there so I've been to Queens and Brooklyn and elsewhere and my favorite bakery is Isaac's Bake Shop. And he was happy and appreciative, so I was happy.

On the 1 train back I stood next to a lady with a squalling child, but then got a seat next to this lovely blonde-haired lady who told me all about her kids coming home from camp, how she was going to miss her train to New Jersey because of the delays, and how she had studied accounting but hated it and had gone into social work. And thus I was happy, because I like when random people talk to me.


P.S. I wish that Eichlers had a Barnes & Noble/ Borders policy where they had big squashy armchairs and you could just sit down and read all day. Totally my dream come true. Also, I don't see that they have a gift registry of the kind I want, but Z Berman Books does! Look at this- the Z. Berman Gift Registry. I'm totally doing that when I throw my splendiferous party.


Josh said...

1. I think the Gottesman Library has all the back issues of Tradition, it probably has other journals as well. (Have you gotten your YU Alumna ID card yet? Once you graduate, you do have to pay $25 per six months to take books out from the YU library. Of course, as a graduate, you're entitled to read anything in the library as long as you don't take it out.)

2. There's a kosher bakery (I believe it's called Gideon's) right here in the Heights, on 187th St. between Fort Washington and Pinehurst.

The Talmid said...

Also, for whoever asked me about the 'Nissuin/ Kidushin she'lo K'Das Moshe V'Yisrael' by the same author, I asked Shmulik (amazingly helpful guy who is in charge of all the Hebrew sefarim) and he couldn't find it in their system so Eichlers doesn't sell it. *sad face*

Thanks for asking for me, but I already knew it's not available and was hoping someone on your blog did know about an available copy.

Anonymous said...

is your header
ice cream stores in queens?

Chana said...

Yes! It's Max & Mina's in Queens. How did you know?

Shimon said...

Have you shared your insights on Durkheim and the Rav on the blog by any chance?

Lurker said...

Try Tuvia's in Monsey for the journals

Gil Student said...

Hakirah is local to the Eichlers in Flatbush neighborhood (there's more than one Eichlers, and the one in Boro Park is under different ownership).

Generally, distribution of journals to bookstores is not financially viable because sales are limited and there isn't much room for profit. you can buy individual articles of Tradition at their website: You can sometimes find Yeshurun in Eichlers (the journal is largely Flatbush/Boro Park-based) but you have to look hard for it or ask Shmulik. Azure is more for a general readership and isn't Brooklyn-based, so don't expect to find it in Judaica stores.

your flatbush stalker said...

Next time you come to Flatbush please please please announce it first so I can be waiting in Eichler's/Issac's/At the train station/Wherever for you. I think I'm going to ask them at the bakery to call me when you show.

Anonymous said...

It makes sense he thought you were from Brooklyn, what with you telling him how it was your favorite bakery and all. You were obviously there many times before, and it's not like they get many visitors who call it their favorite bakery.