Monday, August 24, 2009

Queen of the Revel Castle

So, for all those of you who have always wanted to attend Revel, you shall attend it from afar.

My only request is that if you learn something via my notes/ syllabi and you have the funds, you give a donation to Revel or Yeshiva University as a way of thanking them.

To begin, I welcome you to Biblical Narrative: Book of Samuel as taught by Rabbi Mordechai Cohen. Here is the syllabus and the relevant readings/ books; we can journey into the realm of literary analysis at its finest together.

Samuel Syllabus - Rabbi Cohen


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. You'll do well since you have such a deep love for Tanakh; I'm saying this based on many Tanakh related posts you wrote on this blog over the years. Much luck to you in your pursuit of Grad school!

Chana said...

Thanks so much! Yeah, I'm totally looking forward. Shmuel is one of my favorite books of Tanakh and Rabbi Cohen is awesome so it's going to be a rocking party.

DixieYid (يهودي جنوبي) said...

Do you have any reservations about hte course being billed as taking a "literary approach" to a sefer in Tanach?

yosef said...

Cool. Maybe I can get a 2nd Revel degree.