Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shabbat Candles

Since the time I was very little, I have been fascinated by candles. On Shabbat, I would stare at the candles, totally mesmerized. The reason why is because I have always seen the shapes of people dancing in the flames. Thus, it occurred to me to make a painting in honor of my friends who are getting married: Daughter of God & The Man With The Colored Coat and Rocket Man & The Flower Princess.

Also, at least according to the tradition in my house, we light a candle for each person (so in my house, we light six candles.) For myself, here in Washington Heights, I light one. When my mother got married, she lit two. Thus, the connection between the actual people and the Shabbat candles, is, in my mind, very much there.

The reason I painted it tonight was because I was listening to Candleburn by Dishwalla, one of my favorite songs, and I remembered that I had wanted to do so. (It's one of the most beautiful songs you'll ever hear.)

So here tis (you should enlarge it to see it better.)

Anyway, Rocket Man lives far away, but Daughter of God, I thought perhaps I might give it to you (assuming you wanted it). Obviously, I don't know if this is your style of painting or if you like the concept, but if it is, I'd love for it to be an additional wedding present for you. If not, no worries (I am very particular about artwork so I totally understand if you are as well). And of course, I'm just an amateur. Anyway, mazal tov, sweetness, either way. I love you lots.

Random Update: Daughter of God loves my picture, so I shall give it to her and have helped make the kallah happy before her wedding day. *smile* And now I am happy, too.


CJ Srullowitz said...

This picture is, lulei demistafina, sokewl. I believe the dancers at the top of the candles represent the moving physical soul (thus, replacing the amorphous "flames" that should be atop the candles).

They dance rather than flicker, proving that the spirit is stronger than the temporal gases that make up fire.

You should sell this on ebay for a million dollars. Then you can move to a hiltop home in Tzefas, where you can spend your days travelling the world on your laptop.

Chana said...


Thank you!

Sell it for a million dollars when I could give it to my darling Daughter of God? Not on your life.

(That's aside from which- no one would ever pay that much for something I made.)

I'm so happy she likes it; you have no idea.

(I hope both sets of friends like it, for that matter- as it was made with both of them in mind. Mazal Tov to my friends and their beloved people.)

harry-er than them all said...


BitterBetter said...

This is beautiful, Chana! I can see why you wanted to check the spelling before committing it to paint...I'm sure you've made your friend very happy.

Glad I could help in some small way - feel free to ask me random questions anytime!

Aaron said...

Chana,there is so much to you!
Your stories,your chesed,your ability to simply be there and listen...
This picture is absolutely stunning! Daughter of God is one lucky lady to have it!

yosef said...

"Man With The Colored Coat" is much better than my idea from before :)

Daughter of G-d said...

DoG is beyond thrilled to have it and feels so blessed to have Chana as a friend :)


Anonymous said...

there is noone in the world who would not appreciate this from the very depths of their heart

Urchin said...

Very nice painting. One can see all the meaning that those candles bring. GREAT JOB!!!

Shira Salamone said...

Oh, *that's* the connection! I've heard that some have a tradition to light one candle as a single person, then add another after marriage, but I never understood it before--the second candle is for one's spouse!

Still, I have my reservations about that minhag/custom, and it's the same reservation I have about the minhag, in many communities, that only married men wear a tallit. A mitzvah is a mitzvah--what does marriage have to do with it? I'm of the opinion that everyone should light two candles from the age of Bat or Bar Mitzvah (yes, gents too), and that every person (yes, gals too) should wear a tallit and tefillin from the age of Bar or Bat Mitzvah. (I assume that we're not going to agree on this, but that's okay.) As far as I'm concerned, the only mitzvot that are strictly for married folks are taharat ha-mishpachah ("family purity") and p'ru u-r'vu ("be fruitful and multiple"). (I'm still tradition about some things. :) )

What a lovely painting. Your friends are very lucky to receive such a gift. Mazal tov to the fine folks who are building batei neeman b'yisrael.