Sunday, November 01, 2009

NCSY Highlights

God Almighty, what a weekend.

  • Intense theological discussions. Actually, intense is not the word. It went beyond that into the realm of impossibility. We had kefirah, Ikrei Emunah, Chassidut, Ishbitz and more on the table. There were some tears involved. It became fun times indeed.
  • Met the most fascinating converts through Miriam Merzel. They have an absolutely incredible story. Hopefully I can get them to share it with a larger audience.
  • Ayal and I were wearing matching Binghamton sweatshirts! We rock.
  • Told to me by a girl I was dancing with in the circle: "So this is a weird compliment, but you have really soft hands."
  • Most frequently asked question: "Is your hair naturally that color? (Yes) Is it naturally curly? (No)."
  • Second most frequent: "OHMIGOD, I LOVE YOUR DRESS. Where do you buy your clothes?"
  • "Are you dating? Let me set you up!"
  • Ari can make amazing sculptures out of aluminum foil. He made the Statue of Liberty. It was most impressive. He can also flip chairs underneath him as a dance move, apparently a skill taught at Sha'alvim.
  • Upon learning about the political system in Israsel, Tobias and others declared "Shas wants to exempt people from the army? What kind of party is that? I totally disagree with them!" but then when they had to represent the party to the group they had to pretend, "We think learning is so important we should add an extra hour to the day so we have 25-hour learning!" Also, I could not think of a way to explain serara and why Shas would not have a female Prime Minister that would take under an hour, so I still have to figure out how to answer him.
  • Driving up with Alexis and stopping at the outlet bakery was AWESOME. Our policeman encounter, not quite as awesome, but still very memorable. She also has crazy reflexes, like when we almost got killed by a truck, but didn't.
  • COSMIC BOWLING. Nothing more to say. Except that dance parties at cosmic bowling alleys are awesome. Add in music videos and kids having fun and it's all that much better.
  • The Guterman twins are fantabulous. And that little baby boy has a ridiculous amount of energy. And I got to hold him for hours! *squee*
  • I met a guy named Natan who went to Oraita, which was awesome because I know Ilan from Chicago who also went to Oraita and the two of them were buddies. Yay for Jewish geography at all times.

And it wouldn't be an NCSY weekend if it did not end with something even more extreme and crazy than all of the above. This time it was my incredibly handsome, all-around-good-guy, fantabulous non-Jewish friend asking me out.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like good time was had by all! Rest a bit and back to school tomorrow,yes?

Chana said...


Yeah, I'm exhausted! Sleep is calling to me. Tomorrow is dedicated to lots of interesting things so I'm a happy child.

Toviah said...

You have way too much fun :P

How do I sign up to be an advisor?

Israel Katz said...

I signed up just to follow your blog. No pressure. Have a great day!

Alexis said...

Haha - you missed the ride back, when we stopped for lunch at my parents' house and ice cream at the kosher Carvel in Syracuse, and I almost hit a deer but didn't. I think G-d is testing my reflexes and I do not find it amusing.