Friday, October 30, 2009

Announcements & Inquiries

1. There is a Tanakh Yom Iyun at YU this Sunday. Full details here. I will not be there so you should all go and tell me your thoughts. The reason I won't be there is because I am going to be on an NCSY convention in Rochester, 6 hours away from all of you. Hurrah.

2. The Maharat is coming to speak at Stern. Really. TEIQU has decided this is the newest fun way to stir up controversy. The New York Times was all over Kugel; who knows what they are going to say about this one. Monday, November 2nd at 9:15 PM in the 36th Street Residence Hall on the Beren Campus (so on 36th St between Lexington and 3rd.) Be there or be square. Officially for YU and Stern people; if you can fake your way in, why not attempt it? Unless God decides otherwise, I'm definitely going to be there. You want to know why? Because I am very curious to hear this woman for myself, as you all should be. Personally, I think some clever person should record her lecture on MP3.

3. There's a famous icon: "I love the rain because no one knows I'm crying." Those people clearly didn't realize that one can cry in the shower.

4. Little boys who love Star Wars and make starships out of MagnaTiles and Legos are my favorite people in the whole world. If any of you have rowdy or energetic little boys, ages 3-5, it is almost a given that I will get on excellently well with them. They're like dumplings; they run and shout and get very excited and then fold ever so softly into your arms like warm, fluffy dumplings, their cheek soft against yours, their hair tousled in the sweetest of ways. And you can see from the way they fold, a dead weight in your arms, that they trust you to keep them safe, which of course you will. There is something very wonderful about little boys.


Anonymous said...

Have fun listening to Maharat.I'd love to know what you think.

Honestly Frum said...

Why don't you bring the MP3 player then post it?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add announcement number
5. Check out the new observer article "A Glimpse into the Orthodox Jewish Blogosphere," featuring Chana's blog.

Uri said...

I read the observer article about Chana's blog. I also read the article about one of Chana's articles quoted by New York Times.
Hey Chana, you may be @ Revel, but your legacy is lingering!
Good shabbos!

Anonymous said...

Mazel tov Chana on being featured in a The Obsever article regarding Jewish Bloggers. You and the content of your blog deserve it! Keep on posting!