Friday, October 02, 2009

Baby Videos

My sister and I just spent the past two hours watching childhood videos of ourselves and the boys. They are hilarious. Several points of interest:

1. I was born to be an actress (alas, I am a Jew).
2. The boys declared very earnestly (at the age of five) "There's going to be a thunderstorm tonight but nobody be scared" and are adorable.
3. I once set a world record by being quiet for an hour and 25 minutes.
4. I turned my sister into a bride crowned by a paper hat with a veil made of sheets of paper held together by address stickers. I then provided my own backup music to her wedding. Of course, this is nothing as compared to the theater I created in my house starring everybody. That and Thanksgiving puppet shows made it a party to be my sibling. (Everything artistic was my domain: singing, dancing, drawing, acting...we've got videos of me doing it all.)
5. I was very well-spoken as a nine-year-old.


Anonymous said...

must've been a lot of fun watching the videos with your sis.

the apple said...

Baby videos are the BEST. They tell you more about your personality than almost anything else.

The Cousin said...

#5 is very true! I can vouch for it!
(Actually, Chana was well spoken before age 9)

The story about the Boys also sounds very true.

Wizard said...
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Anonymous said...

(Ok, this is Chana of the blog, just not signed in.)

Yes! It was, it was!


Wait, you remember me when I was NINE? Honestly, it's not so surprising when you recall I read Tolkien at that age as well. But I crack myself up. I tell my father "Farewell." It's beautiful.

Btw, we rewatched my parents' wedding video recently and you're in it! You're the most adorable little boy and you walk down with your sister and you are SO CUTE. Aww. ;)