Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Kofer Card

The Kofer Card: When You Ain't Got The Answers, You Can Always Threaten Them With...The Kofer Card!

Get YOUR Kofer Card Fresh Direct TODAY! Obnoxiously wave it in people's faces tomorrow! YOU know you haven't practiced proper Ahavat Yisrael until YOU'VE served 70 of your congregants, rabbanim, teachers, students and policemen with KOFER cards!

Kofer: It's The New Way to Assert YOUR Religiosity. Imagine The Look On Your Friends' Faces When YOU Give Them a Kofer Card! THEN They'll Know What You Think of Them! Get A Pack Today- Special Sale: Only $2.99!

(And they say I can't do sarcasm.)


Anonymous said...

Hilariously funny!

Joshua said...

Ah. It is more fun to just tell people outright than I'm a kofer.

Shadesof said...

It took me a while to recognize that the person feautered on the Knave of Hearts was Spinoza(thank God for Wikepedia); I suppose I must be very frum :)

The antidote to anyone playing the Kefirah- Trump- Card is the Honesty Card(the same theme expressed in the post before this one).

After all, if one values honesty, then what could be wrong about questions on faith ? One might add that, there is still a need for sensitivity on the part of the questioner, dictated by the forum or context where the discussion is taking place.

It is interesting that two recent books advertised by Targum for young adults have a theme of "honesty" as a value:

The online summary of the first one, on the topic of modesty indicates, "their diaries are true. Their thoughts are totally honest. Their journey is real."
The summary of of the second, for teens in general, states "the questions are honest. So are the answers".

Now, if as a community, thoughts which are "totally honesty" are valued for the young, and honest questions beget honest answers, then why not for the not-so-young, and why not for subjects other than tzniyus as well? Thus, the Honesty Card can trump even the Kefirah Card, provided, of course, that the former Card comes from genuineness and sincerity and is not served up from a Svengali Deck.

Jewish Atheist said...