Friday, October 02, 2009

The Boys Make Potato Kugel

My little brothers are exceedingly talented. They are fifteen years old and nevertheless:
  • Built the entire Sukkah (poles, walls, wood, you name it)
  • Installed the lights in said edifice/ rigged up the electricity
  • Hung up the decorations
  • Fixed their bathtub when it decided to leak
  • Wash, clean, do laundry, mop, chop vegetables
  • Make potato kugel
This is aside from the fact that we get into fantastic conversations regarding sheidim, the Goral HaGra and sukkot that are kosher on weekdays but not on Shabbat and vice versa. Oh, and of course zugot (odd numbers of eggs are a party!)

Huzzah for The Boys! I love them.


dman said...

They will make two very lucky women excellent husbands! At the appropriate time, iy"h.

Anonymous said...

Very sefardi looking!

Taran/Brizingr said...

great post!!..And about me!! Thanx:)

The Cousin said...

How fast they've grown up!

Anonymous said...

how old were you when you first made kugel? (I'm thinking about your recent apprehension about cooking before you realized it's not so hard.)

Chana said...


I actually have no clue. I've helped my mother since forever (I was setting tables with expensive china dishes at the age of three) but I just never cooked everything by myself start-to-finish. At least not that I can remember. I would chop, stir, salt, marinade, etc but was helping out with a bunch of different dishes instead of creating one on my own from the beginning till the end. But now I do that. ;)

How do you know I was apprehensive about cooking?

Anonymous said...

Chana, it was apparent from your posts when your mother bought you all that stuff and your first few cooking exploits that you had very little experience. Now you have a lot!