Sunday, October 18, 2009

MedEthics Party (2009)

From the hours of 8:30-3:10 (and still counting), I have been helping out at the YU Medical Ethics Society. You have no idea how much stuff goes into preparing this conference.

Must wake up and be here bright and early at 7 AM.

Great parts of tonight: My dance party with Rifka, Sam thinking it was hysterical, Ahmir, Nick Pitera, the Belfer Hall security guard and Sasqueda, Bral in his insane mode, taping up signs, using a paper-cutter (which I loathe), learning how to work the crazy copy machine, cracking up at Yael steaming tablecloths and the other craziness that makes up the Medethics Party. Plus the candy, soda, pop 'ems and other sweets. Oh, and having Aaron fly in from San Diego and surprising all of us. Plus, I'm quoted on the new brochure alongside President Joel, Rabbi Mordechai Willig and other important people, which still cracks me up to no end. Nothing is as fun as MedEthics party. Oh- and James sleeping on the desk! Plus the trashed CJF office...

UPDATE: I just got home and it is 4:37 AM. I have to wake up at 6 in order to be there at 7. It has been a really long day.

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