Friday, October 09, 2009

Invisible Bruises

Minute 37 onward in Private Practice, Season 3, Episode 2:
    Addison: Nobody beat me. Nobody tried to steal my baby. Nobody stabbed me, but…I am wounded, Sam.

    Sam: Noah?
    [camera cut so that Addison looks very fragile; she is looking at a pane of glass and her own reflection stares back at her]

    Addison: [sigh] My heart is broken. And I shouldn’t even complain about it, because nothing happened. Nothing happened to me, not like what happened to the Larsons or Violet. You know, sometimes I’m almost jealous of them? Because everybody can see their injuries so they have a right to be messed up. I sent Noah back to his wife and I did the right thing and my heart is...broken.
And this is why we as people try our hardest not to underestimate the pain people feel, no matter whether or not they seem fine. Bruises aren't always visible to the naked eye.

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