Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yaelle's Observer: Issue 3!

My dear readers,

Yaelle Frohlich has been working diligently away at The Observer and has just put out a very impressive issue. Here are some articles worth checking out.

Suppose you go to Yeshiva University, in which case you've seen his name plastered on all the buildings, but did you ever know who Sy Syms really is and/or was? Now you can.

Have you benefited from a YU scholarship? Or do you have friends who are working through school to support themselves, whether via the work-study program or other initiatives? Read about them and those like them here.

There's the fun and playful 'Let Them Eat Cupcakes!' which explores the variations of this colorful iced muffin. Or maybe you're more interested in a different kind of brownie, in which case you'll like learning about medicinal marijuana and the legal/ halakhic ramifications. What's that? You prefer reflections on the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving ruminations coming right up.

Did you quit smoking after seeing Bodies? That might be great for you, but not necessarily so great for those featured in the exhibition...

Attend a lecture at the 92nd Street Y about Holocaust survivors (in spirit), discuss Maharat Sara Hurwitz, read a poignant piece about the need to discuss children with autism (huzzah my uncle!) and otherwise dance through this jam-packed issue.

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