Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Birthday (Plans!)

I figured I would ask for your involvement in this endeavor.

I want to find a really beautiful, classy place (bar, lounge, restaurant- it doesn't matter to me) with gorgeous ambiance where they'll card me when I buy my drink. It will be no fun unless I'm definitely going to get carded (either when I buy my drink or to get in.) Thus, every kosher restaurant in New York is out, because they don't ask your age before serving you drinks.

And this mystery place gets props if they've got kosher champagne and/or real kahlua (for White Russians.)

So what are your recommendations?


Anonymous said...


The Cousin said...

Want me to ask my sister for her recommendations? She's quite the socialite (well compared to me) and knows the city's scene well.

It will be no fun unless I'm definitely going to get carded (either when I buy my drink

Hate to break it to you...while you'll likely be carded to get in somewhere--since it's your birthday--everyone is going to be buying the drinks for you! :)
[even though you can now order them yourself].

Lefty said...

I'd give my right hand for some kosher Kahlua. I can't find it anywhere...

willing to buy kahlua said...

the kahlua that is sold in the funky bottle is the exact same kahlua that used to be hekshured. no change in ingredients, no change in process, they simply stopped paying for the hashgacha. Use that information however you'd like.

Jersey said...

For my 21st birthday, my friends took me to a place called 230 fifth. It is located at -- you guessed it -- 230 fifth avenue. It's a touch upscale (there's a dress code, but not terribly prohibitive), and it's supposedly very nice inside, with a beautiful rooftop view available, if the weather is right.

I say "supposedly" because we never did make it inside -- one member of our party was underage, and got busted with a fake ID. That fulfills another of your qualifications: you WILL be carded.

So I've never actually been inside, but my friends recommend it, and it seems to suit what you want.

Of course, the other issue is how crowded they'll be. Isn't your birthday on New Year's Eve?


Anonymous said...

230 5th is a great place. Classy and beautiful. Don't know if you'll get carded, though.