Monday, January 11, 2010

The Ultimate Biblical Hebrew Cheatsheet (Semester 1)

Once upon a time I had a teacher named Mrs. Walchak. Now, Mrs. Walchak taught me geometry and she permitted me to utilize a geometry cheatsheet with theorems and formulas and other good stuff to help us work out our proofs. However, none of this would help you unless you understood the foundations and building blocks behind geometry. Formulas don't work unless you know how to apply them.

With that in mind, I present you with The Ultimate Biblical Hebrew Cheatsheet for Semester 1 of Dr. Richard Steiner's course. Everything I got right on this sheet is credited to Dr. Steiner and Yair Shahak. Anything I got wrong is due to my own mistakes. This sheet is not going to be very helpful to you unless you take the Biblical Hebrew course at Revel or embark upon a courageous journey to understand Lambdin's Introduction to Biblical Hebrew on your own. Be that as it may, here tis, and may it help many a confused lad and lass out of their Hebrew woes.

The Ultimate Biblical Hebrew Cheatsheet (Semester 1)


Anonymous said...


Save these for bedtime stories for your future children.

I can't wait to take the Akkadian grammar course.

You inspire the world!

Anonymous said...

thanks - can't take the course but this is great!

Jesse said...

I was directed here from a conversation with a stranger at a simcha.
I'm studying for my comprehensive exam at REVEL and she highly recommended your notes for reference. They seem helpful! Is it possible I can circumvent subscribing to this website and obtain a copy by some other means?
With much appreciation,