Sunday, January 17, 2010

Olly & Becky, Scarves and Hip-Hop Artists


Today I was on the F train at 5:00 AM with Joseph the Dreamer (coming back from Brooklyn) and I saw a homeless lady on the train. I recognized her as Becky! (Remember Becky?! Her full name is Becky Trisha, by the way. I asked her.) She still has her caravan and considers herself a traveler. Can you believe it? Becky! So I ran over to her and gave her a hug and spoke with her and found out that thank God she's doing reasonably well; I bought a $10 scarf off of her and the best part of all of this is that she recognized me, too! The first question out of her mouth to Joseph and I was: "Are you going dancing again?" (Because she remembers Columbus Circle.)

To which I explained that Joseph wasn't Jordan and told her the news with you and she was happy and the point is that I met Becky and took pictures with her and it was so fabulous. And I wished you could have been there. She wants you and me and Joseph to all go out to lunch together. I told her I didn't think that would quite happen.

As for this evening, Joseph the Dreamer came over. We watched the film "A Life Apart," which is totally brilliant. Then I decided I wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. So we decided to go to Chambers Street on the A Train to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. We did that (you get the whole bridge to yourself at 2:30 AM- it was awesome and utterly beautiful) and then we went to this fantastic hidden little store. After enjoying the store, we met a nice black man who is interested in hip-hop who literally "sang for his supper." He rapped hip-hop to us and we paid him enough money to go purchase a hero sandwich (over six dollars). He also gave us directions to the A train. But the A didn't run from that stop so we had to take the F to West 4th and THAT IS HOW WE MET BECKY! And I am euphoric because of that.


EJB said...

You're crazy

Anonymous said...

Becky should go to Revel.

Anonymous said...

EJB,Chana is a good kind of "crazy". Forever the adventurist!

former roommate said...

Hey Chana, you never ever go clubbing /dancing? What's this all about?

Joseph the Dreamer said...

*smiles from ear to ear*

Yay for "the awesome store!"

EJB said...

Anonymous 10:12
I meant it in a good kind of "crazy" way.