Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Biblical Hebrew Shrine

If I met a segholate, I would beat it up. I hate segholates. They get crazy on me.

I've been at this since 8 in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Chana, you'll do just fine!
I must admit that a cell phone(especially in that lovely color) and the rest of the arrangement on the desk is so you.

Chana said...

Yeah, you like how I made the back of an art board into a clipboard? I use my canvases creatively...

I remember when I got that phone. I acted all indignant to my friend (who was helping me choose one.) "What, you think I care what color it is?" I asked, pretending to be all practical and only caring about the efficiency of the object.

He looked at me and said, as though this should be obvious to anyone, "Yes!" And I laughed. 'Cause anyone who knows me knows I need color in everything. ;)

Dana said...

YAY!! chana i'm so proud! and this is a very artsy display :)

The Cousin said...

Grammar--ugh. My least favorite part of learning any language has always been grammar.

That said, I'm sure you'll do more than fine on your exam.

I can't see Chana having many monochromatic objects in her life--it's just not her.

Eliyahu said...

Hi Chana:

Here's what I did when I took a Biblical Hebrew course years ago.
I got several good introductory books both in English and in Hebrew and whenever I couln't properly understand a concept (I had some type of mental block and thought that I just couldn't learn Dikduk - like math anxiety) I checked for the explanations in the other books. I found that Weingreen Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew was by far the best and easiest to understand. There's also an excellent easy book that is on a serious level, A First Hebrew Primer Published by EKS Publishing. Those two books should really make everything much easier. Dikduk is an important tool and worth acquiring. O,K. so its easy for me to say now when I'm no longer in school- but I really believe it true.

Best wishes,