Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Templar Does Not Believe

When he who does naught but pretend speaks to she who believes genuinely and wholeheartedly, it serves to make him blacker- or perhaps merely sadder- in her eyes.


"Sayest thou this to one of my people?" answered Rebecca. "Bethink thee---"

"Answer me not," said the Templar, "by urging the difference of our creeds; within our secret conclaves we hold these nursery tales in derision. Think not we long remained blind to the idiotical folly of our founders, who forswore every delight of life for the pleasure of dying martyrs by hunger, by thirst, and by pestilence, and by the swords of savages, while they vainly strove to defend a barren desert, valuable only in the eyes of superstition. Our Order soon adopted bolder and wider views, and found out a better indemnification for our sacrifices. Our immense possessions in every kingdom of Europe, our high military fame, which brings within our circle the flower of chivalry from every Christian clime---these are dedicated to ends of which our pious founders little dreamed, and which are equally concealed from such weak spirits as embrace our Order on the ancient principles, and whose superstition makes them our passive tools. But I will not further withdraw the veil of our mysteries. That bugle-sound announces something which may require my presence. Think on what I have said.---Farewell!---I do not say forgive me the violence I have threatened, for it was necessary to the display of thy character. Gold can be only known by the application of the touchstone. I will soon return, and hold further conference with thee."

~Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott, Chapter 24


Uri said...

"Let there be peace between us, Rebecca," he said.

"Peace, if thou wilt," answered Rebecca—-"Peace—-but with this space between."

"Thou needst no longer fear me," said Bois-Guilbert.

Anonymous said...

What you refer to here is an occurence that has cause me to rethink many of my ideas due to what they can cause-especially when it comes to educating children. I was evidently mistaken as results have proven

Chana said...

Anon 12:31,

Could you explain further? I am not quite sure what you mean. I'd love to hear, though! So please elaborate.