Friday, July 17, 2009

I Welcome The Shabbat Queen

I woke up at 8:00 AM. Many trips to various stores (Key Food, Dan's Supermarket), dish-washings and other frantic dances later, I have prepared my portion of our apartment's Shabbat!


Broccoli Quiche (2):

Cranapple Crunch:

Oven-Roasted Vegetables:

Pepper Steak With Awesome Sauce Served on Linguini (Garnished With Cilantro):

Other apartment-mates prepared: Rice, Cholent, Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce, Gefilte Fish (for Shalashudos), Egg Salad (also Shalashudos), Salad, Green Beans.

It's going to be such a party!

I'll tell you...I feel like I actually did welcome the Shabbat Queen. ;-) It's not Shabbos if you haven't prepared at all, you know? At least not for the kids who hail from Chicago.

Have a wonderful Shabbat!


Chicagoan said...

Looks great!
And good shabbos to you !

Gavi said...

This reader wants recipes (my alter ego is a Jewish housewife!!)

Erachet said...

Whoa. That was just YOUR portion of the cooking?! That's a whole meal!

Looks really yummy.

Good Shabbos to you and your whole apartment! :)

RT said...

Chana,what a lovely and edible pre-shabbat project! It's interesting to note that when you were growing up,you were on target with the following skills:

3-Year Olds

•Wash fruits and vegetables
•Stir ingredients in a bowl
•Tear lettuce
•Pour cold liquids

4-Year Olds

•Grease pans
•Open packages
•Begin to peel hard-boiled eggs
•Snip fresh herbs with dull scissors
•Mash bananas with a fork

5-to 6-Year Olds

•Measure ingredients
•Cut soft foods with a blunt knife
•Set the table
•Garnish food

7-to 8-Year Olds

•Help plan the meal
•Roll and shape cookies
•Beat ingredients with a whisk
•Find ingredients in a cabinet or spice rack
•Make a salad(with supervision)

9- to 12-Year Olds

•Open cans
•Use a microwave oven
•Prepare simple recipes with few ingredients
•Use an oven (with supervision)
•Use a knife (with supervision)
•Shred cheese and vegetables

13 to 16 Year Olds

•Prepare recipes with multiple ingredients

18 Year Olds +
•Prepare recipes independently

My guli chushro, congrats on all your culinary creations and shabbat shalom!

Ezzie said...

Niiice. I'm impressed. We're enlisting you next time you're here. :)

tnspr569 said...

Yum!! Hope it tasted as good as it looked!

Diet Dr. Pepper said...

Can I come for Shabbos?

Unknown said...

wow! amen to preparing for the shabbat queen!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see you are cooking, it's very good therapy, I hope it helps you.

YU student said...

Heard the food you made for shabbos lunch tasted great and that the table was set with china and looked gorgeous! Kudos!