Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Madness of King Silas

In the latest episode of Kings, "Javelin," King Silas (based on the biblical Saul) alongside Jonathan framed David for treason. Silas wants to keep the rule for himself, or at the least, pass it to his son Jonathan. He wants to kill David. This scene depicts King Silas' descent into revenge, blood-lust and madness. It's very powerful. It's from 39:44-onward here. I warn you again that if you are not familiar with the actual book of Samuel, it's not the best idea to watch this modernized version; there are many deviations. The scene makes you cry for King Saul...


Silas: Captain David Shepherd, you have stood before this court protesting your innocence. Now, having heard the weight of evidence against you and knowing the penalty of guilt, how do you plead?

David: Guilty. [gasp from audience] I stand before you prepared to elaborate on my crimes.

Jonathan: Stop talking, David.

Silas: You’re out of order, Major.

David: I’m guilty.

Jonathan: [He can't bear this sham anymore.] No, he’s not!

Silas: The prosecution will stand down.

Jonathan: I can’t go along with this anymore. This was all a setup. David Shepherd was framed. He’s not a traitor. [pause for effect] I am. Silas is.

Silas: Silence!

Jonathan: There’s been silence for too long. I am guilty. But not moreso than my father, who colluded to have David found a traitor when he is anything but.

Silas: Shut. Up.

Jonathan: King Silas framed this entire case, coerced witnesses, faked evidence, convinced me to lie against David. But I see now that David is a better man than the rest of us. Innocent, deserving respect!

Silas: [furious] What do you know about respect- you never had it. You’ve never given it!

Jonathan: He’s innocent; it’s over!

Silas: He’s admitted guilt!

Jonathan: You’re no king.

Silas: And you’re no prince, you faggot! [gasp from audience, hurt look on Jonathan’s face] Guards! Arrest Major Benjamin now. David Shepherd, you are guilty of treason. [he is watching his monarchy slip away] Take him away! Take him away!

David: You lied- to everyone-

Silas: You’re a traitor. [raving] You’re both traitors! [He is utterly mad.] You’re all traitors!


Anonymous said...

may all be desecrated?

Chana said...

One man's desecration is another man's inspiration.

Originally From Brooklyn said...

Yes, that scene was truly amazing. Though I didn't feel for Silas, it was justice catching up to the one justice was due.

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with chana, the crucifix in urine and mary with elephant dung was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm literally nauseous from the post.