Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Olly & Gina, AKA I Am My Mother's Clone

So today I went to get my nails done. (They've been painted a beautiful, rich navy blue.) My manicurist was a Chinese lady named Gina. During the course of our discussion, she asked me why I live here.

Me: I'm here to study Bible.
Gina: (alarmed) But you can get married?
Me: (thinking - what? Then it dawns on me.) Yes, yes, I can get married. I'm not a nun.
Gina: (sighs in relief) You know, in China, we saved the Jews when no one else wanted to take them.
Me: Yes?
Gina: Yes, in Shanghai.
Me: (thinking- of course. Chana, you idiot) Right, the Mir Yeshiva.
Gina: There's a book. Shanghai's Diary or the Diary from Shanghai- you should read it.

In any case, I then stopped by Key Food and bought everything to make a cabbage soup (except for the one ingredient they didn't have.) And my cabbage soup rocks. In short, I am my mother's clone. Future Husband, you should be extremely happy about this. Not only will you not starve, but you're going to be spoiled. *smirk*

Here's my beautiful cabbage soup on the stove:

And here it is in a bowl:

Happy Chana. *insert happy Chana dance*


And for the record, I only botched one perfectly manicured blue nail throughout the course of chopping vegetables, washing dishes, sauteeing onions and meat, etc. I am good. *smile*


Chicagoan said...

Looks so colorful!
I'm just glad you are using your kitchen and the kitchen pots,utensils your mom bought you.Enjoy!

a friend from Stern said...

Chana,you know wha impresses me? The fact that you are making an effort to cook and enjoy the results. Keep it up! So when does school start?

dustfinger said...


RT said...

Viva cabbage soup! It looks great. Keep on cooking!

Tzvi Feifel said...

Wouldn't it have made more sense to get the manicure upon FINISHING all of that chopping, cutting, and cooking??

t said...

Paper towels instead of placemats? :-P

Looks delicious!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Drooling at the soup...while fasting thousands of miles away.

Are you getting the book?

Aaron said...

This soup is making me hungry!
Hope your fast is going OK.

Staying Afloat said...

Recipe, please?

AK said...

I'd like to know what this soup consists of,too. Looks delicious!Thanks.