Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Am A Highly Unpopular Person Currently

The thing they used to say about me is: I may have no brains, but I do have guts.

Guess it's still true.

The thing that cracks me up is that I'm unpopular in Jewish circles for being kind to transsexuals and unpopular in the non-Jewish ones for not believing in theories of gender performance. I'm damned in both circles and it's f--ing ridiculous. Bloody hell; God has a freaking entertaining sense of humor.

Guess that's the way it goes...after all, the quote is: "I'm a leader because I'm too stupid to be a coward."

But that's the way it always goes.

One amazing conversation, however-

me: Are you kidding? My opinions are highly unpopular
Girl from class: but at least people are responding it means that u make them think))
me: Well, that is true at least. You are so positive! Hurrah for positive ____. That makes me happy
GFC: u a so funny))
me: Why? I'm totally serious. You're looking at this very positively
GFC: u mare some resonance its good
me: I'm seeing it as, "Oh, dear- my class hates me." GFC's like- but at least you make them think! Huzzah
GFC: not everyone
i see u as a courageous young lady who is not inside the religious shell and who is able to speak up and to look at two completely diifferent worlds... u must be proud of ureself and u have an articulated message, u are not like yes i agree with u and with u and with that guy as well, so everybody must love me for that)))
me: Thanks so much for the really kind words- I really appeciate what you have to say.
And it makes me feel slightly better, which is great! So thanks. Yeah, no- I figure it is more important to say what you think even if it is not popular
GFC: EXACTLY!!!!! ure like a gay person yourself )) i hope u know what i wanna say
me: Hahaha! Yeah, I guess in my own way - that makes sense. I'm "different/ abnormal" in the opposite direction
GFC: ye)))thats what i ment
its a freedom of speech, they wont stone u))

In short, I am now gay (for the record, I love gay people). Praise the Lord.


CJ Srullowitz said...

Am I crazy or, lulei demistafina, did you just drop an f-bomb?

Chana said...

I get upset when I feel that I have failed Him. There must be a way I can do this better. First I get into one of my black humors, then I laugh, then I figure out how to do things better.

The Cousin said...

3 cheers for unpopularity!
An extra cheer for it being because one sticks to their personal beliefs!
And another extra cheer for sticking to one's beliefs despite the pressure of some silly academic theoretical construct, which is largely if not completely irrelevant outside the classroom!

That's all I have to say for now. Time for me to be "popular" here at the office (read as everyone coming to me with something they want done--all at once)

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

The Torah forbids homosexual intercourse. It says nothing about hating homosexuals.
Dr Fred Rosner in his books on Medical Halachah repeatedly notes that while a Jew cannot approve of such a lifstyle, it is still forbidden to hate a person who engages in it.
So you're actually not doing anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

Why do you feel compelled to talk about gender or homosexual issues with other people? Outside close friends and family it makes little sense to discuss controversial political issues. Someone is always gonna end up upset.

Aaron said...

Chana,wasn't there any other class you could take @ Hunter? Was this a requirement?

Shira Salamone said...

First you say:

Since I *am* religious, I think it is important to bring that perspective to a class that will not otherwise hear it.

July 29, 2009 12:01 AM

And I think to myself, "Isn't Chana a grad student at YU, or is my memory worse than I thought? How could a class at YU not hear an Orthodox perspective?

Then *Aaron* says:

Chana,wasn't there any other class you could take @ Hunter? Was this a requirement?

July 29, 2009 1:44 PM

And those of us who don't have the good fortune of knowing you personally are supposed to know that you're taking this class *at Hunter* exactly how?

Aaron said...

Shira,Chana stated in one of her previous posts that she is taking 2 summer classes @ Hunter prior to starting Revel.

Shira Salamone said...

Oy, you expect a woman who's (almost?) old enough, at 60, to be Chana's grandmother to remember the details of a month-old post? What a pity that human memory isn't as easy to upgrade as computer memory. :)

Anonymous said...

me too at least i GET them