Monday, July 06, 2009

The Chicken Soup Medley

I once told my friend I couldn't get married till I had mastered the laws of niddah, knew how to cook, drive and put contacts into my eyes. My friend argued with me. "Niddah, contacts, cooking and driving does not take that long," he stated, "and technically you could get married without knowing how to put contacts on or drive yet and the super-cooking skills you are looking for."

"I know how to make toast," I dryly responded. "Surely my future husband doesn't want to live on toast for the rest of his life?"

My friend informed me that he was certain my future husband would not mind living on toast. I laughed.

However, to my fabulous repertoire of toast, omelettes, casseroles and quiches I can add the following triumph...chicken soup! Matza ball soup, really. I made it myself from scratch and it tastes awesome. So take that. Chana can cook if she wants to. Alas, my friend would probably roll his eyes and say, "Why is that a surprise? Of course you can do anything if you want to."

Here's my beautiful chicken soup on the stove:

And here's my platter of matza balls:

And here's a tasty bowl of soup all ready to eat:

And now I have made chicken soup and I am happy. Hurrah!


Baruch said...

Very good.
And now you can get married,right?
Just kidding you.

inkstainedhands said...

I also need to master cooking...

I did make a decent potato soup last week actually. It was my first time attempting soup.

former classmate said...

Your matza balls are pretty round.Good job! The soup does look colorful and hearty. Enjoy!

a friend from Stern said...

Chana,you are incredible!
It's one thing to move into your new place . It's another to set-up a kitchen and actually shop for ingredients and start cooking! I'm jealous. I moved a couple of weeks ago ,but neither my kitchen nor my cooking skills are anywhere near yours. Sigh...

Jewish blogger said...

Your matza ball soup is making me very hungry. Alas,it's peanut butter and jelly sandwich for me tonight again.

The Cousin said...

Looks tasty!

Though I'm personally not big on soups in the summer time...chicken soup.

And why does the stereotype that Jewish men can't cook keep perpetuating itself. Sure, many of us aren't gourmet chefs--but some of us can hold our own in the kitchen.
(okay, maybe the stereotype is more about men in general)